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Arbe has repositioned radar, the most dependable of sensing technologies, from a supportive role to the backbone of a vehicle’s sensor suite, delivering unprecedented road safety through 4D ultra high-resolution imaging.

From standard maneuvering to high-risk engagement, Arbe services real-world driving needs, differentiating threats from false alarms in real-time, no matter their speed, elevation, proximity, size or the surrounding weather conditions to provide ‘every-scenario’ road safety.

Founded in 2015 by an elite team of semiconductor engineers, radar specialists, and data scientists, Arbe’s patent pending chipset solution empowers automakers and Tier 1 companies with a sensing solution 100 times more detailed than any other radar on the market, suited for every level of vehicle autonomy or class.

Arbe has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan, Tech AD, TechCrunch Disrupt TLV and Wired Magazine as a groundbreaking company disrupting the automotive market.