Laurent Dassault

Chairman of Catalyst Private Equity

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Mr. Dassault is the Vice President of the GIMD (Groupe Industriel Marcel Dassault). Within the family, he is in charge of the diversification of the group’s activities and of its investments. He is also the ambassador of the group abroad.

He also organized the acquisition of Château La Fleur. In addition to wine and real estate investments, Mr. Dassault and his father are also involved in the development of a technically high performing electric car, in cooperation with Electricité de France (EDF – France’s main Electricity Operator) and the Heuliez group to improve urban environment and fight urban pollution.

Mr. Dassault exercises thirty mandates in the financial, industrial and viticultural sectors, which places him, according to a Monde Diplomatique poll, at the 22nd rank on the list of the most powerful Frenchmen in the economic and financial world.